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If you don’t just want to find a new job but want to transition into a purpose driven dream career, then as an experienced Career Transition Coach and expert in Career Flow© my Career Calling Clarifier© Program is here to help professional Women like You to make the transition with ease, grace and speed.

I have created the Career Calling Clarifier SYSTEM© – to help you to Find & Follow your Career Flow© and transform them into your dream career, life’s work and help you find your purpose.


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I have helped hundreds of professional women.

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The transition to empowerment

I made the daunting career transition from the legal field to become the coach and artist that I wanted to be, re-trained as a Personal Performance Coach with the Coaching Academy, set up my Coaching practise, created the Career Calling Clarifier SYSTEM© & been able to help hundreds of people to find & follow their Unique Career Flow© (s) through my workshops, presentations and one to one session, and transition into a career that fits them perfectly.

The program is there to clarify:

  • what your Career Flow Blueprint ©; your passions & talents are and how to be of service to the world with it
  • How to generate a dream career for yourself with this information
  • How to get there & what step by step action to take
  • How to remove any obstacles, expectations and limiting beliefs to unearth your true path.

I work with professional women who want, are ready and dedicated to make a change in their career & life and want to live a life in their Career Flow©. 

' Petra is an amazing coach. She is motivational, practical and thought provoking. She clearly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to help them succeed. Anyone thinking of a change of career, finding what they are passionate about , or who wants to overcome a challenge should go and see Petra. She helped me change my Life. '

Rachel Irving, Deputy Director Government department of Environment, Food & Rural affairs (Defra)

But it wasn't always like this!

I found it a real challenge to find my passion & Career Flow© . I’d been of the belief that work wasn’t supposed to make me happy, energized and inspired. I did therefore, at first, not question why I was feeling exhausted, stressed and hopeless in the rat race of working as a paralegal and studying at Law School.

What had happened was that I had followed my late father’s dream to become a high-flying solicitor instead of pursuing the path to become a coach and an artist, that I wanted to be.

How is this possible?

When it dawned on me that I'd followed someone else's dream and I finally had the courage to leave the legal field (and quit Law School) with it's rat race, exhausting hours and bad habits, I was so disconnected from myself that I did not know 'what else' to do. I was completely stranded –I’d lost my direction, my passion – my Career Flow©. A daunting and confusing time.

I realised I was on my own. There was no body or organisation to help me with the transition from the legal field to the arts. As I did my research, I started to realise our schooling system and the way our societies are set up at present do not foster developing everybody’s hidden human potential. It made sense. I'd adhered to other's expectations, norms and values too and went down the wrong path - for me. 

My journey to Find my Career Flow© (s) and transform from the legal field to the arts, took me on a long yet incredible and empowering journey where I realised how powerful and life changing finding & following our Career Flow© is. It changed my life from unhappiness, where I was so lost to myself I felt like taking my own life, to an authentic,happy & purpose driven life built around my Career Flow© (s).

Today I'm here to help others like You to tap into this magical reserve of Career Flow© in you. I have created the Career Calling Clarifier SYSTEM©– to help you to Find & Follow your Career Flow© with ease and transform it into your life’s work or purpose with grace and speed.

“Petra is fabulous and so passionate about helping others to find their Career Flow. The workshop content is excellent as is the opportunity to interact with others’’ 

Stephanie Z. – Executive PA

A really inspirational and effective course which was well delivered with great passion and clarity. The other group member were an added bonus as their impact was really supportive and insightful.

Kay F. - Civil servant

Sessions like these are tremendously powerful and encouraging. I found it very comforting to so openly talk about the struggle to free yourselves from limiting beliefs on our journey to finding your true Career Flow. Thank you!

Caroline T.- Project manager Corporate Law 


I'm the Nordic Career & Confidence Coach, the CEO of theFlowStyler.com Career Coaching and the Founder of the Career Calling Clarifier Program©.

'I empower professional Women to find their unique Career Flow © & actualize their dreams and transition into a purposeful & successful Career.'

I’m not a guru, a new age hippy, I haven’t danced in ashrams of India or drank ayahuaska in the rainforests of Nepal to find my state of Career Flow© .

However, I have done my research, inhaled most of Waterstone’s self-development books, healed myself from an unhealthy lifestyle and relationships, depression, quit Law School and the goal to become a Solicitor, which wasn't my true dream and re-trained as an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited Personal Performance Coach with the Coaching Academy in London.

I have made the career transition from the legal field to become the Artist that I wanted to be, set up my Coaching practise & been able to help hundreds of people to find & follow their Unique Career Flow©(s) through my workshops, presentations & one to one session. I’ve spoken at O2, the Cabinet Office, private and corporate events and now live a healthy, balanced and successful life.

'' The Flow Styler coaching sessions with Petra have had a fantastic positive impact on my feelings about challenges I am currently facing.

Petra helped me make sense of the tangle of ideas and emotions I was harbouring regarding my career. She provided a calm and flexible framework for exploring these. These sessions helped me create action plans week on week and take the small first steps that make all the difference. I also set longer term goals and identified the core values that make me tick in general.  This space to think which Petra provided, helped me take a big decision to accept an exciting job offer. The Flow Styler sessions gave me a place to identify what I wanted and a forum to air my worst case scenarios.'  Selina Jones - Director Scott & Co

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